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As you can see from the previous article Free web hosting it’s been a while and as some of you may remember the site came and went then eventually went for good some years ago, I can’t put a date on it because I deleted all the emails but since then I heard about Low End Box but didn’t have the skills to implement it.

Roll on five years and I applied to a local charity who take in old computers and refurbish them for sale. When I discovered this summer that one of their number had the technical skills I required off I went and while it took a while to get the information the fact that the site is running again speaks for itself.

The alternative is paid hosting at £30 and above, a sum am not prepared to fund myself (unemployed for years) and could not source from the membership owing to the atrocious deductions by Paypal from contributions received when I last tried it, 25p in the pound.

The technical knowledge required to set up a Virtual Private Server is not greatly different from that required to configure normal paid hosting and there is the added bonus of being able to run a reinstallation which wipes the slate clean and lets you start again within ten minutes. The server on which this is hosted in New York is very fast.

At the time of writing (1748 14/08/18) the site is largely up as before, with the sole exception of the dated Forum which I only keep for historical purposes since its software developer went out of business years ago. Fortunately however I kept the configuration files.

You will find odds and ends that lead nowhere, links that no longer work, photographs that don’t appear and the occasional error message. All these things I will deal with over the coming days and weeks until it is as near restored as I can make it.

Welcome back!



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