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It’s been a while since this website had any attention from me, but prompted by the latest invoice from Orchard Hosting wanting another £24.99 plus VAT and mindful of the hassle last year in collecting that amount from the membership, not that you weren’t willing, you were, but rather the hefty charges taken by Paypal and the administrative workload I decided this time to look for a different hosting company, and preferably free of charge.

To my surprise there are a fair number out there and I chose and put the site on “Stevie” because I don’t need all the Microsoft functions like since this site uses PHP/MySQL.

Moving the Discus Forum and the WordPress blog were the most difficult tasks, or rather getting them working again after the move.  Still it’s been a lesson learned and changing the URL paths in several files (in the case of Discus), and reinstalling the themes (in WordPress) seemed to do the trick.  It doesn’t help that Discusware no longer exist as a company and so I have been struggling in the dark a little to get Discus working again but there it is, up and running.

I have been delighted by the goodwill shown by several of you who have written nice things in emails mainly along the lines of thanking me for my work and dedication to keeping the site running as a history about the college.  I think the general feeling has been that many of you would have been sad to see the website go.  There were several generous offers of payment for the whole hosting fee or to be split between two or three people but in the event this has not been necessary.

At the time of writing twenty people have re-registered on the mailing list and I would hope that this will increase over time.  Before the move there were 152 email addresses listed but I don’t think that many of these were active and so the move has had the secondary effect of revealing who is actively interested in keeping in touch.

Lastly I am always here, you are welcome to write to me via the website and I look forward to and enjoy hearing from former staff and students, or indeed the occasional visitor from other marine related organisations.  Thank you for your continued support and goodwill.