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Today a surprise, received the following to my inbox:-

Hi Paul

My name is Michael Adkins. I am a journalist on Kentish Times Newspapers.

It would be great to speak to you about your website and the Merchant Navy College as we are running a piece about the Cutty Sark and its link to Greenhithe.

Could you please e-mail me a contact number or call me on 0208 269 xxxx extension xxx.


Michael Adkins

So I did, and he wanted to know about the period in the 1930s when the Cutty Sark was moored at Greenhithe so I put him on to the Worcester crowd via their contacts page and he said “is there anything we can do for you?”, when I hesitated he said “what about the reunion?”. After a moments thought I replied that would be great and so we are going to get a few lines to tell the people of Kent about the reunion. Some badly needed publicity coming fortuitously, although I am sorry it had to be this way since the Cutty Sark has long been a favourite of mine.


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