Norwood college

The Radio Department before MNC 76:

It might interest radio students to know that before the MNC opened marine radio was taught at Norwood College Knights Hill South London.

The original department was founded (I believe) by Frank Mayoh and Mr Danielson - this would be sometime in the fifties.

When I arrived in 1967 to take the two year PMG (Post Master General) Certificate and BOT (Board of Trade) Radar Certificate, Frank Mayoh was head of the department. Also teaching on the course were Bob Douglas (theory), Phil Smith (regulations), Erny Gibson (radar), Mr Zbreski (radar), and Mr Walker (theory).

I would be interested to know if anyone from Norwood during these years (67 - 69) connects with this site. In particular Alan Burbidge (R/O on QE2). Bob Hill (P & O). Steve Lovick (P & O), Colin Tate (P & O briefly), John Knott .

Jeff Williams