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Merchant Navy College

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MRGC 1987

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Last name
First name
 Amos David      BAE SYSTEMS Rochester   1984-87
 Bennett   Richard        1  2   1984-87
 Buteux   Laurence      Dimension Data Sydney Australia  1984-87
 Gaitonde Satyanand (Sandy)    Now resides in Toronto, Canada  1984-87
 Golds Geoff        Last heard of in W.Midlands  1985-87
 Ives Lisa  Info from Mark Roud (below)     Went to sea one of the few  1984-87
 King Nigel           1986-87
 Macmillan Andy        Jersey Airport Asst. Systems Mgr  1984-87
 Packer Jacqueline L.      nee Jackie Bennell - Birmingham(?)  1985-87
 Perkins   Tony      Princess Cruises and ilight  1984-87
 Peterson Phil        Civil Aviation Authority  1984-87
 Roud  Mark      Field Sales - Vision Warehouse  1984-87
 Skinner Henrietta  Info from Mark Roud     Norwegian (pining for the fiords)  1984-87

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