Member notes for Andy Dogherty

Where do I start............
Living in Southampton/Waterside area with house in Dibden Purlieu, but currently working in London during the week. Married (22 years) to Ingrid (nee Knight ex Noadswood Class of '73) with 2 kids James (17) and Simone (14) who are currently Brockenhurst College and Noadswood Students respectively, as well as an assortment of other places along the way due to work moves. Bumped into Alison (Glanville) in town last Saturday (20/07/02) and she told me about the site so, here I am.

For those of Totton fame I'm still in regular touch with Mark Radford (he of the Rod Stewart hair do - but now dare I say almost b**d!) and he is living up in Faversham, Kent.

Was at Hardley School from 68-73, Totton VIth Form 73-75, Merchant Navy College Greenhithe off and on 75-79 and Warsash Nautical College off and on 81-86.

There must be a few poor souls who met me along the way out there so regards to anyone who remembers me - Andy.