Member notes for Adrian McCourt

Did my penal time with Joe Shell before escaping to UBC then Finnlines where I sailed as Master. Went ashore with them before going to P&O as superintendent then marine manager. Now working (?) as a consultant ('sfunny how close that word is to con merchant n'est-ce pas?) and trying to decide what to do when I grow up. Please contact me if you owe me money or can remember what I did at Greenhithe as all I can recollect is getting sh*tfaced and sleeping it off outside the bike sheds at the muscle factory. The Railway is now a MacDonald's and the Billy-No-Stars with the pizza complexion who runs it assures me the life ban on ex-MNC revellers is now lifted. Mind you, you wouldn't want to hang about in the area, the locals still interbreed and eat their young. Still like to hear from anyone who was with us the night we painted the Esso funnel on the Worcester. Also vaguely remember putting a mini on a roof? Whatever happened to Gonk? My comrades in arms about that time were the maniac Simon Robinson (yes I will ring you again) Russel 'Stink' Waterton who filled Dicker in at the Christmas party and couldn't understand why he remained standing ('Er..he's held up by the wall Dino). (Any truth in the rumour Dicker died in a hotel fire he'd stared in Japan?) Dick Malone, John Warton who always had top totty, and Bolin Soanes who didn't. Heard from the lovely Judith Higton sounds as bonny as ever *sigh* . I can still quote most of Monty Python & The Holy Grail almost verbatim so they weren't really wasted years.