Member notes for Patrick Russi

Now I have a feel for the scope of the site need to say more.
From Earsham Hall in mid sixties went King Edward in Chelmsford. From there to MNC in Greenhithe (Ex HMS Worscester)
In 1970 went to sea with Houlder Bros then joined Panocean-Anco in 1976 as third officer. Joined -Nielsen in 1984 as Captain. In 1990 came ashore to work in the office in Panama City, Florida. The office moved to Houston, Texas in 1992. Houston being one of our main hubs for the fleet of 76 ships. In August 2002 we are on the move again as the office is relocating to Rotterdam.
I am managing the safety, quality, regulatory and environmental programmes for the shore based and ship based functions. The job involves a lot of international travel which is good for airmiles and cheap vacations back in the UK.
Married in 1976, one daughter of 22 in fifth year at University of Texas in Austin and one son of 18 just completing first year at University of Texas at Tyler.