Member notes for Karen Pryce

I own my own House in Scotland I have two grown-up children Kelly and Kenny I married Kevin Huckle from School but I am now divorced and have been for a number of years I am still single and enjoy the life I am a Private Secretary for a Consultancy Firm
In my class was Katy Smith, Gina Clayton,
Lorraine Kakaldy, Theresa Donnelly, Tina Cavell, Paul Clark and smoker Ian Clark - I would like to know if he's still living or dead yet ???? and there were two Sharon's both tall one was Sharon Watson and I cannot remember the others surname I was in St Patricks House I also knew Shaun Beatty and His Mate Andrew to whom I met one weekend at his barracks in Nuneaton so andy get in touch if yu read this. Well there is a few names.
Well not much else to tell so if you fancy a chat call me on if it is busy please leave a message on the answer machine and I will get back to you. all the best and hope to hear from you soon. Karen Pryce

Merchant Navy College Greenhithe Kent

Well there wern't many of us girls at Greenhithe so some of you lads must remeber us hahaha although most of you went to the nurses college in Gravesend if I remeber right. I was there in the early 80's. I remember when one of the lectrurers used to grow hash in his back garden and used to throw a decent party every now and then with the wacky backy flowing he was a great lecturer butr damned if I can remeber his name proberly because I was stoned most of the time. I also remember the little pub that we all used to take over that was down the road. Does anyone else remember these things ? I remember once we did the weeji board oin one of the lads rooms and he ended up sl;eeping somewhere else for quite a time as his room was full of noises. I eventually came away from Greenhithe as Radio Officer and served with Panocean Anco but was Panocean before it was taken over ... If anyone remebers me please email me on ... I am also looking for two speacial people out there Jes Burrows and Andy His trusty steed or partner in crime as girls swivelled from window to window ... if you see this lads give me a call I would love to hear from you xxx Ka