Member notes for Simon Robinson

Got half way through sixth form, realised it wasn't working out and then ran away to sea. Met my wife, Sue (West Wight girl!!) and married in 1980. Left the island in 1985. Still wonderfully happily married (although joining this kind of web site probably indicates a mid life crisis on the horizon) and living in NE Essex with two sons but enjoying occasional trips back to the Island and getting all emotionally nostalgic. When I was at school I had a **** load of white hair and too much to say for myself - nothing has changed except that most of the hair has gone.

Was at Greenhithe on phase three from Sept 1977 to May 1978. At That time I had a ****-load of white hair - now mostly gone. Was with Sugar Line in those days, now still at sea with Trinity House although I don't think seafaring is a job for grown-ups. I've been married for twenty odd years and have a couple of sons who both regard me as a cautionary example in every aspect.
On our PH III group were (in no special order) Eric Petersen, Dick Malone, Geoff Wooloff, Nigel Boyce, Steve Walpole, Adrian McCourt, Bernie Taylor, Mick Robertson, Steven Dicker, Chris Wright, Dave Dimmock?, Ted Wilkinson (who threw a couple of top parties at his home in Sussex), a mad Cornish bloke called Russell, Glenn, a slightly angry tall man whose name I can't remember and his mate Ian who I think fled to Canada straight after leaving Greenhithe and probably one or two others as well. For me it was a very happy time - irrational trips to Calais, drunkenly trying to avoid the rug munching shot-putters at the muscle factory, live bands, punk music, Python, A Diary of a Nobody and a shared derision of Sparkies. I would be delighted to hear from anyone who was there at the same time - and remember, we may have all grown up a bit since then but we are unalterably bound together by the shared experience of Mr Fuller's rather individual form of liferaft wet drill in the old swimming pool.