Member notes for Patrick Shrimpton

Hello Everybody, Currently living in Houston Texas and working for a major Energy Company' BHP Billiton , in its Petroleum Section. I look after our Marine Assets around the world, mainly Trinidad, Gulf of Mexico, North Wesat Shelf Australia, Malaysia, Irish/North Sea.

Blessed with three great boys, Alex 17 (Named after Alec Gregg) who is an asspiring musician and lives in Salt Lake City. Sam who is 10 and is a tremendous athlete in multiple sports, and Jack 8 who is catching up fast live in San Francisco.

When people ask how long I have lived in the States, I normally say 3 Wives which is either a testament to some unlucky choices or part of the American Fast food culture! ...........My mum always asked why I didnt marry a good english girl.

After Merchant Navy College I really never came back to England, spending much of my time in various Marine capacities (Cruise Ship Captain in the West Indies) for a number of years, building ships in South Korea.More to come!!!!