Member notes for Clive Chapman

After leaving SEEVIC in 1980 I went to the Merchant Navy College in Kent for three years to train as a Merchant Navy Radio Officer. After graduating, I didn't get to sea, but came back to Essex and worked for Cole Electronics, Wickford for a year. In '84, I joined Thorn EMI working on datalogging equipment for submarines. I got married in '88 to Lorraine (my best friend's sister's best friend's sister!!) and also changed roles (still with Thorn EMI and still working with submarines). Joined the Defence Research Agency in '94 and moved on through a number of management roles and organisational name changes to end up today, heading up the marketing team for about 1/3 of . Along the way, I moved to Dorset (1990) had a couple of children (Matthew in 1997 and Katie in 2002). Sadly, not really in touch with anyone from school days in Essex, although I come back occasionally as I have business in Shoeburyness.