Member notes for Paul Barrett

Having left school, went to Merchant Navy College for three years (studied Radio and Electronics Communications HNC) and then went to Sea for 2 years after that as a Radio Officer to see the world. Many good times and nice places visited (and some not so nice!). Came ashore in 1989 and worked in marine telecoms (Radio and Satcom) for 7 years in sunny old Croydon.
What a culture shock :-(

After that, fancied a change , so joined a UK cable co. working in telecoms. network management (SDH/PDH/ATM/switching) and have been ever since.
Have been through several changes of employer name/locations and am currently working in Bromley.
I stayed in and around Sidcup for years before moving to Chislehurst, New Eltham and back to Sidcup.
I have been with Dee, my partner since 1989 and we had a beautiful baby daughter named Jade Ellen in July 2000. Yes, I know I left it late, but it was worth it!

I have noticed loads of names I recognise from schools/college and work, so If you fancy catching up, drop me a line.
God, I've been rattling on, you must be bored stiff, I am - see ya!
pbarrett(at)xxxworld ( replace (at) with @ and xxx with ntl )