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After spending an extra year re-taking CSE Maths, I left Longslade and joined the Merchant Navy to train as a Navigator. Having finally found something I was interested in and having got married to Diane Lee (from Mountsorrel) in 1977, I went to Plymouth Polytechnic to get a nautical degree, whilst continuing to work at sea during the holidays. Liked it so much that I stayed on to do a Master’s degree and ended up working on the research staff for a short period. Moved to Cambridge in 1983 to work for a marine computer software company before starting my own company to develop software for ships and shipping companies in 1985. Been doing that ever since, lots of overseas travel, too much at times but that’s where our business is. I am now divorced from Diane, but not before having 3 daughters, eldest is 26 this year and now an Engineer Officer in the RAF. Youngest 18 this year and still at school and the middle one almost 20 is currently trying to find that special “something” that interests her. Since splitting up with Diane I have been sharing life with my American partner Bonnie, but after 14 years of living together we finally did the "right thing" and got married (July 2007) there is a picture in photos section for anybody that is interested.

So that’s were I am with 50+ years all used up.

Would like to hear from anybody that remembers me.

Bob Mills
July 2007