Member notes for Paul Fox

Left school at 16, classed as an under achiever, joined the merchant navy and sailed round the world for 4 years including the Falklands when there was a bit of bother there. Got made redundant at 20 and worked for Sainsbury's for 5 months before jacking it in and trying to be a shipbroker in the city. Got bored after 3 years and worked for the home office in immigration, spent a while checking passports at Gatwick but got bored again. Joined the Met police in '89 and I'm still there. I'm bored but I'm trapped! Looking for a way out but not to hopeful at present. Happily married this year to Lisa and live in Dartford. All the best to any old friends.
Update!! finally left the police (2 year career break) and now renovating my new house in Hextable,at lasthappy again