Member notes for Tony Collard

After 11 years of marriage and being employed as a minnion for 15 years I decided to throw the towel in on both and make a fresh new start. You really do not know how good that feels to do unless you have actually done it.

Separated from my wife in 2001 and chucked in full time employment in 2005. I then formed an IT consultancy business called TCS Network Services Limited and have never looked back. To say the business is a success is an understatement.

As far as the marriage bit goes, I have 4 beautiful children that I am so proud of, 2 of which now live with me full time, and the other 2 I see for the weekend once a fortnight. I have also met a new partner called Paula who has 2 children and we live a lovely life on the coast of south east England with our family of 6, overlooking the sea most nights.