Member notes for Simon Skinner

Left school and went to Merchant Navy College in Greenhithe (now closed)

Worked in IT for 7 years the moved to Portugal for 6 months where I sold coast cruises and shark fishing trips. Came back to the UK and spent a number of years in IT recruitment.

I now work as a search engine optimiser and have been in ANtigua for 5 years.
Have been married but am not anymore (she was crap anyway!), now live with a lovely lady called Anna.

Am now 38, love to rockclimb, scuba, snorkel, read, listen to music, travel, drink copious amounts of expensive red wine etc etc

Don't expect a reunion in the UK, life is too good in the Caribbean!!!

Have been in the Caribbean for 5 years now and love the life - the lack of income tax here is clearly a benefit!! Would love to hear from anyone (well ALMOST anyone except the ex-missus and a couple of others! - you know who you are.....)

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