Member notes for Charles Fox

MNC reunion (1/3/2003) photo added ...
Just added MNC'69 photo to site...
A few notes....
If any of you know the rest of the Foxes get in touch (Diana David Catherine Jane and Rosemary, all except Diana went to MGrace)
Northcliffe.. I don't remember too well except Berand One and Two!
Ladbrooke.. well I was still young then too, I do remember Teresa Walker, not as a friend though! I'm sure we would get on OK now.
Mount Grace.. well the two guys there I remember best were Chris Bishop and Martin Geary what happened to them? Geoff Ulph and Berty(Peter Burtwell) both on this site, so will contact. Oh! and I read Peter Griffin lives local, Hi Peter!
MNC.. great fun! Still have 'Houlders Oars' ( a case of right boat, right time!)We will be having a 'reunion' drink soon, Rick R is organising (well volunteered Rick), Martin M, Chris R, John M, Paul D, John P + whoever else cares to come along from those days 30 odd years ago.
Glad to add another 'nuclear' family, Wife, Boy 20 at Uni in Aberystwyth, Girl 18 at college then Aberystwyth (why Wales?)
Went from MountGrace to MNCollege and then travelled around the world a few times for 14 years, then spent a year flying/navigating hovercraft across the english channel. Settled down, went into electronics and now working for a US multinational manufacturing company. We now live on the edge of the River Test opposite Southampton.