Member notes for Mark Croucher

Doesn't this site make you feel old? How do you catch up over 20 years in a couple of paragraphs?
Personally, married and divorced, with 2 little girls, Carolynne (13) & Liz (12), plus most recently stepson Dylan (12) and son James (nearly 5) and living in Dartford. Ah, single again! I don't remember alimony last time, though:-)
Education? HNC at Merchant Navy College, BSc & MBA, currently studying part time for DPhil....
Work-wise? Until 2007, the Director of Communications for the U.K. Independence Party; bags of travel across Europe on the staff of our MEPs.Currently the owner of Wayside Taverns Ltd, and therefore the landlord of 2 pubs, the Two Brewers in Dartford and the Priory Tavern in Orpington. Beer anyone?:)
Before that, the IT industry; most recently self-employed as a consultant, but in corporates before that. Ran the US division of a British company, and then the European division of an American one, based in Amsterdam, no less! I hear I had quite a good time there, but the memory is a little vague.....
Before that, a radio officer in the merchant navy, Gulf War & various UN missions for humanitarian relief, etc. And in the distant past, the US Air Force in the mid 80s.
If you know me, you'll know I couldn't be conventional if I tried!:-)
If you fancy dropping me a line, swearing at me for some long forgotten ill or if you are Alastair Moreton and want the 38 quid I've owed you for 5 years, you can get me on (at)ukip.