Member notes for Michael Hunter

Having not learnt much at school I left in 1972 and went to music college in Newcastle where I learnt even less. Wanted to see Africa so I joined Palm Line and attended the Merchant Navy College at Greenhithe ( not there any more, now a very "upwardly mobile area) 1975ish to 1979ish have some fantastic memories from there. I was the lanky Pain in the a**** although I passed all the exams except the orals failed on one question( had a row with the examiner over a 30 meter fishing boat, the imfamous Captin Black) followed by a row with the company I joined the Kent Police 1979 to 2004 until ill health. Now retired. Married (twice, told you I was a poor learner) two good boys and still live in North Kent. I would love to hear from anyone who remembers me.