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This website is quite amazing.
Since leaving school I am now married, with two daughters, 10 and 7.
After failing at Secondary school, I left to go to college, (MNC, Greenhithe) and really enjoyed my 2 1/2 years there. (Does anyone remenber the the old teacher who used to love sending porn stories in morse code, supplied by Philip Goldring?, and good old Mr Witteridge, the Soth African Teacher) I remember some of the names from college, Hi Gareth, Glunk rings a bell ("Rock n Roll")but not all of them. I have contacted A Friss who was also a school friend and I still keep in contact with a few others who went there. (I visited the college site twice about 8 years ago and met Tony Vaughan who looked after the college, a kind of security guard, as no one was there).
After leaving College I joined the civil service for 4 years but hated the red tape, installing Alarm systems. I was based at Whetstone Police Station with Ray Brooks, and later joined by Don, Hugh, Bob Purvis and Frank Gearon. Memorable moment was visiting the Police comissioner when his dogs set off the alarm system in the garden
I then joined Reynolds Medical and became a Field Service Engineer travelling the country.I learnt a lot about real work in this company. Memorable moment was accidently setting off the emergency cardiac button, and hearing the trolley, nurses and doctors charging down the corridor.
I seem to remember the ladies who worked upstairs playing back the cassete tapes on the pathfinder Analysers, and being the test dummy for putting the electodes on during there classes. Thanks Jan.
After 2 1/2 years I joined Mellordata, a third party computer maintenance company in Ipswich, which was a real wake up call. I travelled the home counties not really knowing how to fix things, (or even where the on/off switches where) but the I enjoyed working with all the people. I also looked after all the computers and monitors in Wings in Hoddesdon (Thanks Bob for Employing me, I seem to remember a certain Stag party night that you arranged for all opf us, it was good fun)
After 2 1/2 years I joined a Laser company. I must of enjoyed this as I spent 8 years there, travelling the UK and USA. I made many good friends here, and it was a good time in my life. Memorable moment was getting drunk on a christmas party with Ram Malocca and having a hell of a time. Infact all the christmas parties I had here where very memorable, especially the one I spent proping up the bar, and talking all night.
After Leaving this company I joined my present company working on Rapid Prototyping Equipment which involves Electronics, Lasers, Computers and Chemistry. Once again I travel the UK, Europe and the USA. It seems like I am still working for Spectra Physics as Mike Callinghan, Alan Dodyge, Peter S work with me. The work is busy and very demanding but I really enjoy it. I still keep in Contact with B Brien (SP Colleague) almost weekly as our jobs overlap.
Memorable moments.
1 Travelling to Germany and having a very good time with my German Colleagues.

2 Travelling to Grand Junction, Colarado and having a good time at the local Country and Weston Bar, Yeehaaa.

To Deb Dowding- Yes it is the right Nick Ray, but I have not registered. Send me some details, your search has ended
How is Kev? How are you and the family?