Member notes for Martin McIver

First went to St.Vincents RC Primary, St Joe's Academy (Blackheath)and then Colfes (Lee), then to the Merchant Navy college in Greenhithe,
and St. Albans college, at which stage, got a bit of a travelling bug, and set out to
see the world (or a lot of bars, beach parties, and frankly questionable women ).
Eventually ended up in the music industry, in various roles from drum tech to tour or merchandise managing the likes of Boyzone (reprimanded for not
being pretty enough), Motorhead (put the Jack Daniels away and step away from
the bar!!), Jazzmatazz (groooovy), and Terrorvision (tequila made them happy!!!!)amongst others and
have lived in Edinburgh, Bradford, Camden, Germany and

Had enough of the road after 7 years and spent a couple of years as US sales manager of a body jewellery company, then, missed the music and am currently the general manager of a
music production and events company. Living in Dublin, having a great time involving myself
rather to personally with Guinness, and putting the world to rights from my sofa by
occasionally shouting at the TV. Unmarried, unashamed and still under the illusion that I am extremely attractive and don't
have a face like like a net bag of footballs...No, I'm lying, I look great. Anybody want
to drop me a line, give me a kicking or fill my school bag full of water then it would
be great to hear from you.