Member notes for Richard Weston

Now living in Bournemouth with wife Julie and two daughters Jessica (jessie) and Beatrice (Bea).

I work as Captain of a large accommodation ship in the offshore oilfields in the Bay of Campeche, Mexico - very little in the way of Nautical stuff, despite needing a Master Mariners Certificate to do the job. Frankly it's 95% boredom and 5% shear terror - but then that's life.

I guess failing most of my 'o-levels' whilst spending valuable revision time polishing the school's Firefly dinghies didn't set me too far back after all!

I have fond memories of sailing with Andy Beattie at Chipstead, watching Andy Mercer Capsize his Scorpion and bend the mast, and rowing for the Nautical College. Did we really row up the Thames from Greenhithe to Greenwhich in sub zero temperatures for fun? And in a whaler? Good grief!

Always interested to hear from old friends!