Member notes for Dave Hunter

After leaving Longfield Comprehensive Secondary School, I went to the Merchant Navy College (Greenhithe, Kent) where I studied for an HNC in Electronic Engineering. In the final year I received an award for the "Best HNC Student".

After leaving the MNC in 1986, I spent 3 years working in London fixing computer systems and crashing company cars.

Since then, I have dedicated my career to aviation training and, specifically, Flight Simulation. For the most part, this involves ensuring $15, 000, 000 Flight Simulators are performing just like the ‘real thing’, which includes both hardware and software design and implementation, along with liaising with governing authorities such as the CAA and the FAA.

In 1995 I was ‘imported’ by the Pan Am International Flight Academy (PAIFA) and subsequently emigrated to Miami, Florida and am now a permanent resident of the US.

I also have my own company that redesigns and manufactures replacements for obsolete flight simulator components that are marketed Worldwide.

I currently live in Fort Lauderdale in a 5 bedroom detached house with a swimming pool and private lake. I drive a BMW M3. It took some getting used to, but sometimes things work out!