Member notes for Nicola Dennis

Well aren't we all getting old!! I'm supposed to be a grown-up now but I don't feel like one. Haven't really changed that much but I don't bully people any more and I'm still a bit crazy!! Upon leaving secondary school, I went to Merchant Navy college and studied electrical/electronic engineering. From there worked for Ford Motor Co. and completed a 4-year electrical apprenticeship. Stayed there for about 6 years. Had a career change and moved into secretarial roles, whilst studying part-time. Graduated in Management 2002. Got married in 1999. No kids (married one ha ha). Did the London Marathon in 1997 (did you see me? I was in the top 10!). Currently working for the Financial Times
GET IN TOUCH - would love to see you all again before the middle-age spread settles in. Would love to see Mr Newland from Mandeville Primary School, so Sir (can I call you Alan now?), if you're out there please get in touch. Bye Peeps