Member notes for Colin Bingham

Hi All,
If you remember me things have changed a little since school
I'm now married with 3 kids (Jamie, Calley & Lara-Eloise), and living in Dartford.
It was our 7th anniversary on 7th Oct 01.

Workwise, through BT and ABB Nera I have travelled all over Europe + Kuwait (too damn hot) and Thailand (They have some Interesting bars - I have truly seen everything now).
Over the last couple of years i worked my way up to be the UK Operations Manager for an american internet roaming company, but got made redundant in Jan 2001 when the sh!t hit the fan.
I'm now currently freelancing as a telecoms 'know-all' in London EC2.

For Erith school people, Jon Pontin, Are you Innocent ? (Like Rob Parsons says). I still remember the bar in Newquay where you met Jo, Don't forget It's your round when you next come up!

Send me an E-mail if you like and
Best of luck to you all.