Member notes for Mark Bromwich

Been at sea for the last 36years, and Master for the last 18. Have 3 boys Keith(32), Paul (30), and David (23), from "wife No.1".
Am remarried, (No4!!) and live out in the Far East. Semi retired, work 6 months of the year as Master on a floating prodution vessel, presently offshore Malaysia.

Have a house in southern Thailand, and a 70 acre farm in the mid west, (Uthai Thani) growing mangos, rice, bananas, Tapioca, (hated it at school, and still do!), and all kinds of 'edible weeds', which we sell in the south, some 400km away.
In the process of building a new house on the farm site, which is taking up a lot of my free time.
2 more years and I will retire full time, and just rasie a few chickens!!

Have fond memories , of the old school. Look forward to hearing from anyone, but if travelling may not get to my emails for up to a month!!