Member notes for Roy Murray

I've been married to Louise for 20 years. We have three children (Helen (16), Rosie (14) and Elizabeth (12)) and (still) working for BP in Milton Keynes.

After Park House I went to Wakefords and then at 16 went to sea in the Merchant Navy as a deck officer apprentice. I served on tankers world wide for 7 years and then in NW Europe for 4 years after which I got a job ashore working for BP (first in London and hen in Hemel Hempstead). I've worked for BP for 21 years and - thanks to recent changes to the law concerning Age Discrimination - I only have another 15 to go!!

I have happy memories of my time at Park House particularly in the 2nd and 4th year Juniors when we were taught by Mr Buxton.

I plan to post an old black and white "Class of '71" photo - so look out for it.

I was showing it to my daughters recently and it occured to me that at 14 years old, it would have been the same as my parents showing me a photo of their school days just before the second world war !!!

If anyone feels old having read this, I apologise!