Member notes for Robert Fogden

Left school and joined the Merchant Navy before joining Kent Police in 1978 . Have been married to Sandra for 27years and have two children Kelly (25) and Marc (23).
I now live in North Kent although family are still in Brighton.
At Fairlight I remember Mrs. Hughes, Miss Brunt (fearsome lady) and Mr Morrison who also ran the boxing club. Pupils-Linda Fuller (1st girlfriend-we were 4) she had a twin brother, Brian Steinicke, Colin Head, Susan Grayer, Angela Gold, Kevin Harmsworth, Bill Reynolds and a Beverly and Karen who I only remember as being good at singing also the Norty family. Teachers I remember at Moulsecoomb are Mr.Catchpole, Mr Merrett, 'Streaky', and the pe teacher Mr. Turner (apparently was on Villa's books)
Andrew Deacon, Graham Pentecost, Martin someone, Ken Bass, Susan Shippam and her twin Steven were all in my class as well as my cousin Michael Bailey.
At the MNC I remember Eddie Cooper, Andy Fennemore, Merv Kinch, Paul Smith, John Merry and a radio student 'Smudge' (Dave Smith? maybe)
Staff wise I see Tony Vaughan occassionally. I still have my doubts about Dick Fuller!
If you remeber me then get in touch !!