Member notes for Paul Gunstone

Getting old? Me? Never!!

Married, separated, four kids (Matthew born Dec 82 and Sarah Sept 87, Teagan born Jul 2005 and Nathan born Mar 2007).

Living with Elaine and our new babies, working in glorious Egham, Surrey. A career(??) in electronics related stuff - engineering then sales then general management/directorship. Lost all my money trying to make it big in internet related communications services and now back as a peddlar!!

Destined for fame and fortune (sadly without the fame or fortune) and hoping to be able to retire by the time I'm 65!! Had a bit of a scare this summer (07) - ruptured appendix, peritinitus and a few unnecessary complications. The surgeon said if I'd suffered that lot a few years ago it would have killed me - I told him I was glad I had waited till now..... but he didn't see the funny side. Medically all on the up now - but I'm advised that it will take about six months to get back to full fitness. Strange, it took about 25 years of abuse to get to where I am, I'd have thought it would take about the same to recovery fully.