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Hi There

I am still in one piece despite many an accident I have had..Obviously someone is looking down on me... Career wise I spent 13 years working in the leisure industry working my way up from general dogs body to assistant manager... Then decided on a career change and went into the prison service for a brief time, then I got my senses together and reapplied for the job I have always wanted to do.. And Hey Presto I was sucessful, Im now working as a Ambulance Technician for the London Ambulance Service...( and no I dont fix ambulances just the people we pick up in them)well at least I try to.... Been doin the job for several years and loving every minute.Still living in Newham not far from where I grew up. But looking to move out a bit now... Caroline is still my best friend from st.Johns, 20 years later. Would like to see and get in contact with old primary school, secondry school, college and work mates.
Havent had any children at the mo, Have now a beautiful daughter Alex... not for the want of trying though...Finally found the love of my life...Who knows may grow up and settle down one day xxxHave growwn Up Kind of... But have settled down. had a civil partnership last year(may shock a few people that). 1 year in Sep just gone. Been working in Ambulance service for 5 years no, just been promoted and just applied for further promotion(and if I get it I should be able to retire when I am 50 :-)(monies That good)