Member notes for Nigel King

After having an enormous lottery win 14 months ago, I am now living the Life Of Riley.
Using my enormous manor house as a base, I spend all my time travelling around the world with my gorgeous model fiancee Candice, and we are currently looking at purchasing most of Andorra to use as our sexual playground for six months of the year. Life is fantastic, rammed with drugs, drink, wealth, splendour and sex - and every day I wake up and thank God for gambling.

I was in form I with Horrocks for the whole 5 years at Charly D....So long ago !
Spent all 5 years on report. Hyperactive basically, Complete opposite now !

Went to Greenhithe Merchant Navy college for a year residential - Excellent. Did a lot of damage to brain cells there ;)

Worked in the Dept of Technology covert installations in Sydenham for 8 years, then had another excellent job in the REAL world as a mobile tech all over the south for 5 years, got 14 points on my license and had to get off the road (Still had my license though), then decided I needed money rather than fun so I'm now managing cell sites and power at One2One since 1998.

Bought a house in St Ives near Cambridge in 1999, and working mainly in Hatfield, London, and around and about the UK.
3 daughters 11, 16 & 18

Still into motorsport (But not physically anymore(boo)) but cars, not bikes now. Left that to my sisters !

Lived in Brookmans park, Near J23 M25 in 2003. Split with my family in May 2002. Very hard but it happens. (Especially after having your head f*cked up for 14 years by a manic depressive woman! Now single...Again..Great! Lived in Chatham, Kent during 2002 with another headcase for a while.
Fantastic bungalow near Kettering/Huntingdon 2004. Been around since then and moved 3 more times (May 2005!) Bought gaff in 2006.
Give us a shout if you knew me !
Still travelling all over the place. Edinburgh festival was fantastic!!! And regular at Tazfox band in Twickenham. Best band you will ever see. Just checked out all of the MERLIN radio sites around the country camping.
Unfortunately due to wild youth I have a BAD memory. Any memories would be appreciated !
at dot org