Member notes for Natalie Fuller

Well if your looking at this somthing must have jogged your mind about the name!!
Not sure if that's good or bad!
After leaving school I went to study engineering at a Naval College in Greenhithe, at the time no one knew where that was, now all I have to say is "Bluewater".
I was there 3 years and then ended up as a computer hardware engineer in the City. After seeing everybody starting to get married I run away very quickly and lived in the US and Carribean for 5 years - it was great fun, and on these long winter evenings I often wonder what possesed me to come back!
I've been back in the UK for 10yrs now and working for an IT company, firstly as and engineer but have slowly progressed to a Service Delivery Manager for one of their major contracts, sounds great, just means I work my a*** off with no overtime!
The most important things that have happened though is that I got married in 2004, to a wounderful man (he would have to be, to put up with me!) who has the most beautiful daughter and in October 2005 I gave birth to our son, Alfie. I've now returned to working 3 days a week, which is great for me as I get a bit of adult time.
Well that's my life so far, it's had it's up's and down's like everyone else, but in general it's been good fun, at the moment though I could do with a few more hours in the day.