Tim Waterhouse

I really hope that something can be sorted for October, myself and Gareth Morgan (in contact again after 10 years following me finding the web site) will meet ourselves somewhere near Greenhithe, even if it's a meal in the Railway, double cheeseburger and chips!.

For myself, I arrived at the college in September 75 for a two week induction course at the start of the OND in Nautical Science.

I returned in September 1976 for the initial part of the course.

In September 1978 just prior to my arrival back for the final phase I left the sea for Yvonne.

After a brief spell in a building society (what fun) I joined the Metropolitian Police.

I served for the past 22 years in the East End and have now reached the rank of Inspector and work at Newham. I am still with Yvonne even after having three lovely children, Chris (19), Gareth (16), yes sad but named after him above, and the little princess Emily (15).


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Gareth Morgan version

Tim, Peter and myself were good pals on phase 1. However, between Phase 1 and Phase 3 Tim found love with Yvonne and joined the Metropolitan Police. Tim is now an Inspector (or Chief Inspector?), he won a gallantry medal in the late 80's for relieving a bankrobber of his sawn off shotgun (personally I feel sorry for the bank robber).

Tim and Yvonne are still happily married and have three children, Christopher, Gareth and Emily.