Richard "Tiny" Carlton

At last I can find some of "me old shipmates again".

Nick name at college was "Tiny" and I was 6' 8" not 6' 5".

Life has been pretty good. Still single and living a playboy lifestyle. Have my own company designing and manufacturing Camera Systems for the Construction Industry and Superyachts - exporting Worldwide.

Still have a love of cars - now into Porsche's. Last recorded max speed 171.3mph (Calais to Paris) - a fortnight ago.

Took me 16 years - but finally bought my own house in Guernsey - trust me to pick somewhere to live in this World which has strange housing laws.

Would love to meet up with any of the old gang again. Mike Bailey, Taff, Brett Metcalf, Steve Foster - bloody good memories with a great bunch of guys. Still keep in contact with Colin Will and Phil Shrimpton (Paddy's brother).

Await to hear from any of the guys,

Best regards,

Richard "Tiny" Carlton.

My email address via 2nd Mates 1981

2nd Mates

The old memory is not as good as it use to be and having moved at least a dozen times to at least 5 countries I do not have a clus where my discharge book is. I started my induction course September 7th. 1977. I think I took my exams in Spring 1982. However I was in the same year as Paddy Shrimpton, Mark Whitaker, Dick Weston, Bret Metcalfe, Stephen Foster, etc. Sean was in the year prior to me.

Hope this helps,

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Blind Date

I got picked and still keep in touch with the lass who picked me. An ex-model and beauty queen and a real nice (somewhat crazy) person - good looker too.

I will have to search through the old files for photos -but definitely have press cuttings.

Also have a load of photos from MNC days including the "Mean Machine" rugby team with commander Emmons - whatever happened to him?

Keep in touch Paul. Paddy Shrimpton called me from California today and I received an email from Steve Foster - the Net definitely has its benefits!!

Best regards,



Info available before Richard wrote in:-

Still working in Guernsey fitting electrical systems to expensive yachts and playing the life of a confirmed bachelor.

From Sean Harvey

Richard Carlton (77-81) was also with Bowrings - I met him again at an unofficial re-union which we held one year at The Dickens [Inn], St Katherine's Dock (great beer). He had set himself up in marine electronics, selling kit and fitting it to small boat owners in the Channel Islands, I think.

From Richard (Dick) Weston

Known as Tiny because of his height of 6' 8", he drove a Datsun 280z (about the only car he could fit into), and once appeared on Blind Date. Present whereabouts unknown, if anyone does know please get in touch.

From Stephen Foster

[Thanks to Simon Langlois for tracking Richard down - Ed.]