Stuart Hobbs

Stuart Hobbs (77-81) I haven't seen since College days, but Richard Walters had kept up with him and I heard the stories - he is quietly making his millions after starting up a computer software in London. Now lives somewhere in Docklands. All I remember of Stuart was the hours he spent playing Asteroids in the Union Bar - misspent youth obviously did him no harm!

Information provided by Richard (Dick) Weston

Email via 2nd Mates 1981

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I sold the software company and now live on a farm Wiltshire. I suppose in theory, I am semi-retired, although that is almost certainly going to be only a temporary thing.

Have been in contact with some of the chaps from my year at Greenhithe and we even got together for a few drinks last summer. I still play golf regularly with Mike Bailey and (when he gets time off from his daughters) occasionally Andy Storm. Don't quite get to see Richard (Taff) Walters as often as I used to. He has a girlfriend now and doesn't play golf quite as much as when he was single!


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