Sean Harvey

The company I work for is Derrick Offshore, we are the world's leading international brokers specialising in the offshore energy and subsea cable markets. I am the Commercial Director.

I was probably one of the first to leave the sea out of my MNC year group. After passing my 2nd Mates I did two trips as 3rd Mate and then left Bowring Steamship. I joined Derrick Offshore as a Trainee Broker in 1980 and was elected to the Baltic Exchange the following year.

Over the past 20 years working in the shipping industry I have come across a few of the old boys including:

Richard (Tiny) Carlton, still working in Guernsey fitting electrical systems to expensive yachts and playing the life of a confirmed bachelor.

John Hardcastle, for many years was the Managing Director of Transas Marine in Southampton. They developed charting software for radar linked computers as well as pilot training software. John now runs another in the same group.

Eddie Pain, lives in Colchester and works for Andrews Freight Services.

Simon Malins, I was Simon's best man when he married Cindi about 16 years ago. I have kept in touch with him on and off since. Last I heard he was a pilot on the East Coast.

Rod Macracken of BP was working for BP Pet Dev up in Aberdeen, certainly up to about 5 years ago.

Paul Bryant and I did our cadetship together but never really got on. I lost contact with him when we finished our 2nd Mates, he went to work for one of the few UK shipowners left at the time. Paul was certainly making the most of life at sea as a cadet and also at MNC during 2nd Mates. I have always wondered what happened to him.

Sean Harvey

Email via Deck 1975-79a


Contact first provided by Colin Smith with additional information from Richard (Dick) Weston