Richard (Dick) Weston

Dear Sirs,

Idly surfing the net one quiet night offshore Mexico, I entered my name in the search field and came across your website. Had an hours fun reading up about old friends and remembering the good old days at MNC. What a shame it had to close - criminal waste of a good asset.

I can shed a little light on some names listed, including my own. I have moved through the offshore world since being made redundant by Bowring Steamships with whom I worked my apprenticeship. I went first to Lowline Ltd, working on Anchor handling tugs in the North Sea. I soon tired of the winter weather and came ashore for a while in the late eighties, working as an ....erm.... Estate Agent. Well, it was easy to get a job in property in those days, but since I am an honest kinda guy, I didn't last long there.

It was just long enough to meet my future wife who was likewise taking time out - from air stewardessing - in another of the companies offices. She convinced me that the best way to a long and happy marriage was for me to return to sea. I went back to college, re-validated my ticket, paid my way through a dynamic positioning course and spent the next 9 years very happily on diving support vessels with Rockwater, working mainly on construction projects for the oil industry, but occasionally picking up the pieces after helicopter crashes, and very occasionally digging for gold in old wrecks in highly secret locations . (If anyone wants to know..... I can be bought).

I tired of being paid less than I was worth and have lately been working as Deputy Offshore Installation Manager on an accommodation vessel in the Bay of Campeche, Mexico - boring as hell, but the pay is reasonable. I now live in Bournemouth with my wife and two daughters - yes, even I sobered up and settled down!!

Others with whom I have had contact over the last twenty years....

Paddy Shrimpton (77-81) I shared a house with his twin brother, Phil, up until the early nineties. He was and still is, as far as I know, working for Windjammer Barebart Cruises in the Caribbean as Captain on one of their sailing ships. I know he had a house in St Lucia for a while.

Phil Shrimpton (79-83) left the sea and joined the Metropolitan Police - I had many adventures with him around south east London, until my wife-to-be moved into the house we co-owned and we fell out - something to do with her washing always being in the machine. He moved to a country beat in Beverly, North Humberside, where sadly I lost touch with him.

Richard Carlton (77-81) was also with Bowrings - I met him again at an unofficial re-union which we held one year at The Dickens Inn, St Katherine's Dock (great beer). He had set himself up in marine electronics, selling kit and fitting it to small boat owners in the Channel Islands, I think.

Richard Walters (77-81) I worked with Richard for years at Rockwater - last time I heard he was Chief Officer on a DSV, working for Northern Marine Management. Still single and living off the proceeds of work to the full, diving, drinking, travelling the world and driving a TVR (lucky b*****d)

Stuart Hobbs (77-81) I haven't seen since College days, but Richard Walters had kept up with him and I heard the stories - he is quietly making his millions after starting up a computer software in London. Now lives somewhere in Docklands. All I remember of Stuart was the hours he spent playing Asteroids in the Union Bar - misspent youth obviously did him no harm!

Sean Harvey 75-79 - also a Bowrings Boy. Now Operations Director for a small but influential ship brokerage called Derrick Offshore based in Guildford, Surrey. They specialise in the offshore and cable laying Market. Their website is at and includes a mugshot of the man himself.

Many thanks for an setting up such an interesting website [that's ok - Ed] - and thanks to Steve Foster for mentioning my name and thus leading me to it.

My regards
Richard (Dick) Weston 77-81

Email via 2nd Mates 1981

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Information provided by Stephen Foster