Roger Mills

Hi, My name is Roger Mills and I attended the mnc from 1975 - 1979.

At the time we were amongst the first students that moved into the new buildings. I sailed with the Bank Line (Andrew Weir Shipping) as did Paul Sherwood, Andy Holdsworth and Nigel Butler. There were 3 courses going through class 4 / onc at the time, approx. 60 cadets.

Other names that I remember include Charles Simmons (RFA), Paul Lowery (Everards 1st cadet?) Sue Smith (Houlder Brothers), Andy Docherty(?)(Houlders), Andy Gregory (Shell), Roger Wood (LOF) Richard (Ghengis) McCann (LOF), John Briffa (RFA) and James Horton(?) (Jamaica Banana Producers SS co.).

The college at that time included groups from various companies mainly BP, RFA and Shell. I shall probably be kicking myself for forgetting names or getting the wrong Christian names!

John Piper (lecturer) moved to Fleetwood to continue lecturing and has now retired. He does however continue to work part time at the college.

I left the Bank Line in October 1979, when they were reducing their fleet, having failed the ONC but passed the Class 4. I have worked for the Royal Maritime Auxiliary Service (PAS to you RFA guys) ever since. I also managed to redeem my early academic failings (committee member SU bar!!) by eventually convincing the MCA into giving me a Class 1 Ticket.

I have been Master of the Oceanographic / Underwater Research Ship Newton since 1996.


I presently live just outside Inverness in the Highland region of Scotland.

Email via Deck 1975-79a

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