Richard Bradley


I served in Cunard from 1981-1990 whilst attending the MNC.
I first came to the MNC in 1982 as a Class V trainee with Cunard and kept coming for IV and III until I think 1985/6.

Currently a Management Consultant.
Great site by the way - [thanks - Ed.]


Email via Deck 1980-86

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Friends Reunited

Spent 9 great years in Cunard (last ship the Atlantic Conveyor) and then moved into the North Sea working for Gulf Offshore (NSL) & Barra Shipping as 2nd & Chief Officers for a further 6.

I went into Management Consultancy & now specialise in behavioural change.

I now work for the Borg... [1]

[1] - I currently work for a called 'First Consulting' - the reference to the borg is a joke based on the fact that I mainly do behavioural change, that all consultants tend to look and speak the same, and that if you don't belive in us we don't care as we'll just take over and 'assimilate' you. Its a star trek / Voyager thing!