Mark Turner

I attended MNC Greenhithe as a deck cadet with Furness Withy for 2 weeks induction in Sept 1980 and then from Sept 1981 to July 1982.

I have many happy memories of my time there including, if memory serves me right, you doing the discos in the bar on a Friday night.

My most vivid memories are of the crowded TV rooms for the 9 o'clock news during the Falklands conflict as many of us worked for companies who had ships involved.

In my time there I was Secretary of the sailing club and crewed with Andy Smith who I spent much time with. I spent many happy weekends on the boats Flinders? and Torres?.

I was not aware until I came across the web site that the college has been demolished.

I don't remember the names of many of the people on my course there are a few that come to mind like Alan Smith F. T. Everards Spike? Andy Smith from Stubbington in Hampshire Angus Cullen (Panocean) and many faces without names. Old age kicking in I think.

I dated a radio trainee who I haven't seen on your list called Karen McRae.

I remember many of the staff particularly John Mead and Tony Vaughan.

I also edited the college newsletter whilst I was there as well as organising a few matches for the volleyball team.

Was the PE instructor called Rick? [Yes - big muscle bound guy I'd forgotten until you mentioned him, keen on canoeing - Ed.]

I left the Merchant Navy at the end of my year at Greenhithe after falling out with the company I worked for.

I then went into a career in sales working for a garage equipment for seven years and for the last 12 years I have worked for the Goodyear Tyre in several departments. I am currently an agricultural and industrial tyre specialist.

I have been very happily married for the last seventeen years and have 4 children.

I found the site stirred up many long forgotten memories of my time at Greenhithe which I enjoyed thoroughly.

I would like to receive any details of reunions and any info on people who were on the same TEC Diploma course as me. I will keep visiting the site in the future.

Best Regards
Mark Turner

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