Martyn Sexton


Firstly I must say how impressed I was with your MNC website. I have often searched "Greenhithe" & "MNC" (unsuccessfully) in the hope of finding a site; so I was over the moon!

I was a deck cadet with B.P.Shipping. I first spent a two week induction at Greenhithe during September 1978. I returned for two six month phases:1/80-7/80 & 8/81-3/82, leaving to serve as a third mate with BP.

I was made redundant by BP in 1986 along with the entire seafaring staff. Between 1986 and 1989 I attended Warsash to get my Class 1 & 2 and worked for two coastal companies (South Coast Shipping and Bowaker & King).

I left the sea in 1989 (pressure from the wife- kids and things!) and have worked as a Technical Officer for Bournemouth Borough Council ever since!- that's where I met Tony Currie.

I do remember some staff: a completely mad maths teacher called Crellin - he only lasted a short time, we eventually refused to attend his lessons, a certain Mr "Fruity" Fuller (Seamanship lecturer )- say no more about survival training in the college pool!

I hope that's enough to update the records.
Martyn Sexton

Email via Deck 1980-86


First contact provided by Tony Currie

Friends Reunited

On leaving school I joined the Merchant Navy and became a Navigation Officer,travelled the World a bit and got paid. Came ashore in 1989 and have since been working for Bmth Council. Living at St.Ives with Jacqueline and 2 daughters.

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