Mike Ackers

I was a Radio student at MNC from 1982 to 85.

I continued working at the Savoy Country Club [Yarmouth I.O.W. - Ed.] until the end of summer 85 and then joined Marconi Marine Offshore. I spent 4 weeks on the Matco Clyde taking oil from Beryl Alpha to refineries - really exciting. Marconi then subbed me to Radio Holland so after spending 2 weeks in Rotterdam with Mark Ryder and the guy with the nice old Rover (Paul Read), joined my first ship in Turku, Finland. Had an ace time at sea working for Spliethoff and Theodora Tankers.

I paid off the Stella Pollux in France, flew home leaving all my stuff on board as it was heading for the Isle of Grain. Drove down to pick my stuff up, dropped off at MNC on my way back and became a Lab Tech. 18 months later I migrated to the city - working in dealing rooms, looking after dealing room comms and electricals - primarily in the Bank of England. Moved from there to working on dealer boards (dealer phone systems). Then to office machines and "telex" with a Japanese company servicing Japanese banks.

A little add in the Telegraph caught my eye one day and I ended up working for the MOD as a contractor back in 1990ish. Two years later I became a Civil Servant, I loved the job so much I took the pay cut.

Now I work in London, have done for the last 5 years, commuting from Bedfordshire.

On my personal side, I married darling Di just over a month ago - we've been together for over ten years and have two children, Abigael 7 and George 4. I also have a 19 year old step son Chris. There is a picture of us at www.confetti.co.uk/wedding/ackers/

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