Kevin Smith

Well, what a pleasant surprise to find your website. I've spent all day wandering down memory lane. Anyway, I'll try to keep this brief and to the point.

My name is Kevin Smith and I started with BP Tankers in 1972. Induction course and phase 1 took place on the Worcester but I think by the time we were ready for phase 3, the new college had opened (or was being built). I think we were the first course in the new buildings. I'll have to confirm that with somebody else because I also did a stint at the City of London School of Navigation in the Minories. Digs were in the Mariner's Hotel in Commercial Road.

Anyway, I have many wonderful memories of my time in Greenhithe (I was only 16 years old when I started) -- among them was that a pint of Worthington 'E' in the Pier Hotel (Greenhithe) was 14p !!

Well, let me mention some names of other students that immediately spring to mind:

Richard Howell (BP Tankers)....Captain with Mearsk
Andy Brigden (RFA)....Harbour Master somewhere in the West Country
Bob Cooper
Neil Cambell (RFA)
Roger Mills
David Whitehead (Shell)
Nick Howeth
David Miles
Paul Salmon
Nick Balls (LOF I think)
Ross Gregory (RFA)
Ross Ferris (RFA)....Captain with RFA
Trevor Iles (RFA)
Dave Schultz (BP Tankers)
Tony Steadman

The only person that I have any contact with is Rick Howell. He can probably remember far more names than I. I looked at the lists of students names that you currently have and have to admit to being rather disappointed in not recognizing anybody.

As for myself, I served with BP as a 3rd mate and then (unable to find a berth with a cargo ship on some exotic run with long port stays) I joined the RFA. A few good years with them was followed by a desire to continue my interest in aviation and attempt to change a hobby into a new career in the USA. However, the early eighties saw me back at sea (broke and desperate for work) following a failed effort at starting an aviation business in Egypt. Crescent Shipping saw fit to employ me for a year or so before I headed for Saudi Tug Services in the Gulf. That was great but, after another year, I was itching to get back into aviation and so returned to Texas. I now make my home in Santiago, Chile but continue as a pilot with American Airlines.

I'd love to hear from/about any of the cadets that attended the Worcester/Greenhithe at the same time as I.

Thanks for your web site,
Kevin Smith

Email via Deck 1972-78