Jerry Mooney

I found your web site address in the NUMAST Telegraph this month, and as an ex student of the MNC I thought I'd get in touch.

I was at Greenhithe College from 1980 - 1983 as part of a Class 5 (Deck) training scheme, working for another Greenhithe resident F T Everard & Sons Limited. Promoted to 2nd Mate in 1983 and then subsequently Mate, I left Everards in 1989 to go to BP Oil (UK) Ltd, where I spent 7 years. I then moved on again joining John H. Whitaker (Tankers) Limited as Relief Master and now Master in 1996.

Interestingly another ex MNC student mentioned on your web-site, Mark Whitaker (Pan-Ocean) is now Managing Director of the Whitaker Group and is therefore my boss.

Keep up the good work.


Jerry Mooney

Email via Deck 1980-86