Jerry Garcia

I was a student at MNC between 1972 and 1976. My Induction course and Phase 1 were on the Worcester and Phase 3 in the new buildings ashore.
I now live and work in Beccles on the Norfolk/Suffolk border.



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I was an ONC Deck Cadet with BP Tankers. Dates as follows:

Induction (on Worcester): 24.09.1972 - 07.10.1972
Initial Sea Period: 31.10.1972 - 11.07.1973
Phase I (on Worcester): 12.08.1973 - 21.12.1973
Phase II (Intermediate Sea Period): 04.01.1974 - 28.05.1975
Phase III (part at Tower Hill, part at new shore college, Greenhithe): 23.06.1975 - 19.12.1975
Final Sea Period: 26.1.1976 - 26.05.1976

Here is a list of the other deck cadets in my year, click on the link below for details:-

ONC Students

Phase III must have been split into 3 groups, hence the A, B and C. I was in group A.
I can't remember now what P.S.N.C and L.O.F stand for.
I also have the following lecturers names:

Mr Brown - Maths
Mr Carter - Maths & General Ship Knowledge
Mr Crellin - Physics
Mr Franks - Electricity & Magnetism
Mr Hawkey - General Ship Knowledge
Mr Clucas - Navigation

I now live and work in Beccles on the Norfolk/Suffolk border.


Email via Deck 1972-78

Friends Reunited

After 4 years travelling the World in the Merchant Navy, I joined GEC Computers in Elstree Way. Eventually via several diverse jobs I ended up in the wilds of East Anglia (nearly as far east as you can get). I am divorced with 2 children (14 and 11) and since 1999 a Town Councillor. I still enjoy sailing and last year gave up amateur dramatics after 20 years "on the boards". I've been trying to trace Richard Maitland but without success.