Gareth Morgan

Subject: OND Group 1975 - 1979

I'm absolutely delighted to come across your site and have been transported back 25 years, I've looked through your student lists and can,t find any reference the above group.

As far as I can remember they were:-

1. Greg Atherstone Shell Tankers
2. Jason Boulter RFA
3. Dave Buck RFA
4. Mark Desborough RFA
5. Dave Hurlock BP Tankers
6. Steve Illingworth RFA
7. Andy Lilly RFA
8. Andy Marits Pan Ocean Anco (Sugar Line)
9. Paul Mendelson Turnbull Scott
10. Gareth Morgan (me) Welsh Overseas Freighters
11. Peter Perry Palm Line
12. Tim Waterhouse Pan Ocean Anco (Sugar Line)

I kept in touch with Pete Perry until about 8 yrs ago and with Tim Waterhouse until about four years ago.

I have loads of old photos from that period if you want them and would be grateful for any info on any get togethers/reunions that may be in the offing.

Many thanks for such a lovely surprise.

Gareth Morgan


I attended MNC Greenhithe between 1975 and 1979 in the OND group. (Group List supplied separately)

After doing my ticket I, like many of the MNC boys married a girl from Dartford PE College or the Muscle factory as it was affectionately known, we divorced in 1988 (was it really only eight years!).

I married the love of my life in 1995, and am now the rather aged but extremely happy and proud father of Rebecca (2 and a half) and Nathan (14 months).

I stayed at sea until 1982, but seeing the way it was going left to do a degree in Building surveying, I got my degree in 1985 and eventually became Chartered in 1989, just in time for the bottom to drop out of the building industry!

For the past 10 years I have worked as a construction project manager on various property types, currently building and or refitting supermarkets for a firm called Budgens.

I was very sad to see that Martin Proyer had died, the last time I saw him he had travelled all the way from Rosyth to spend a day or so with Sharon at Dartford.

Gareth Morgan

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