Graham Dean

My name is Graham Dean and was one of the original cadets of the Merchant Navy College when it formed in 1968. The college started with the amalgamation of the Worcester and King Edward VII Nautical College based in London.

I was a cadet of the King Edward VII Nautical College and it was our task to transport two of the lug sail boats from the dock in London to Greenhithe, a task that our superiors insisted that we do by the means of oars. I believe that Capt Waugh was one of the Masters that was in charge of us. As the journey progressed it began to rain, to prevent all from getting wet one of the Masters hitched a tow from a passing coaster and we all sheltered under the sails. At the bend before the Worcester the coaster let us loose and we rowed the rest of the way, acting exhausted.

After the MNC I had 15 very enjoyable years with the Houlder Brothers (Furness Withy) group, only coming ashore when the fleet was shrinking in size. Ashore I have achieved an IT career in the insurance industry.

If it is possible to get a list of the 1968 cadets I would appreciate it deeply, with the passage of time names tend to be forgotten.

Graham Dean

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