Eddie Pain

Swallowed the anchor in 1984 after CT Bowrings sold itself to Newgate Shipping - having 57 varieties of plaques on the wall.

First shoreside job was as Ship Planner with the Korean Shipping Corporation no one else would have me!
Based in London W1, £7500 pa, 2 weeks holiday and no pension I lasted 6 months. Then moved into project shipping with Furness Withy and now run my own company (www.FastShipUK.com) specialising in Heavy Lifts and anything that won't fit into a container.

Living in Colchester, married with 2.4 children. Handicap 10.I still have the wanderlust that got me into the merchant navy I love airline bard and take every opportunity to personally superintend those jobs in exotic locations although more passport stamps for Cologne than Cape Town

Contact me via Deck 1975-79a