Colin Smith

A short history

My name is Colin Smith and I attended the Merchant Navy college from 1975 to 1979

I worked for BP tankers as cadet and 3rd mate, and left the sea in 1980 to get married to a girl from Dartford PE college.( somebody had to do it)

I worked ashore for 10 years as a Bookmaker, working for Ladbrokes for 5 years and my own business then returned to sea with my current employers Hanson Aggregates ( formerly ARC marine)

I am at present at Warsash taking my class 2/1 which I should finish in the summer. Also on the same course at Warsash is Richard Hemmingway who was at Greenhithe 2 years before me, he passed on the web site details to me.

I now live in Watford ,Hertfordshire and have 2 children, Katie aged 12 , and David aged 10

Others on my course were:-

Chris Barron, ( BP. Tankers) who I am still in contact with, he now runs a pub in Hedge End, Southampton

Dave Blake, ( BP Tankers) also now at Warsash doing his class 1

Bernie Bennett (BP Tankers) last heard of working for BP oil spill response unit in Scotland/up north

Paul De Hoest ( BP Tankers) ?

Mick Bradshaw( BP Tankers) ?

Graham Manktelow ( BP Tankers) failed his class 3 and was last heard of working as a policeman in Slough

Paul (CJ)Borrett ( BP Tankers) also failed his class 3 and joined the police force, cant remember where.

Richard ( Dick) Hawkes (BP Tankers) ?

Sean Harvey left the sea same time as me and started working as a shipbroker on the Baltic Exchange, lived in Finchley North London

John Hardcastle ( RFA) I heard thro Chris Barron that John was now working for a that was something to do with electronic charts ?

Big Jim (?) shortly after college heard he was working for Everards and had got a job as Captain ?

Pete Cooper ( ? ) ?[Listed on FR 1979 - Ed.]

Also at college at the same time but in a parallel class

Martin Proyer ( RFA ) stayed with the RFA and eventually passed his class 3 !!! Martin also married a girl from the PE college (Sharon Head), unfortunately Martin died in 1998/99 unexpectedly whilst away at sea from natural causes.

Steve Brazier(?)

John Briffa (RFA)?

Ian Capewell ( RFA ) now retrained as a dentist, working in Southampton area ?

John Ellis (?)?

Kevin Gregory ( Shell) ?[Listed on FR 1979 - Ed.]

Andy Docherty ( Shell) ?

Paul Lowery ( ?)?

Ian Dowdell( Shell) lived in Southend area ?

As I have mentioned I married a girl from the PE college and we are still in touch ( mostly just Christmas cards) with some of the girls who became part of our lives when at college, if anybody is wondering what happened to any of them we may be able to help.

I am also in contact with Dave Roberts who was at college from 1977-1980, although we were never at college at the same time he came from my wife's home town and we became friends after we had both left the sea. He now lives in Worcester, and is married to my wife's friend.

Email via Deck 1975-79a